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Your advantages

Your advantages

Your profile is anonymous and secure.

Become aware of your skills and strengths.

Get a market value for your skills.

Let yourself be anonymously found by companies.

What is Skillue?

What is Skillue?

Skillue is the career app that brings your skills and strengths to business.

Skillue is changing the application and recruitment process, creating an anonymous, secure and novel meeting space for candidates and companies. The central building block of this game changing plan is the measurement, evaluation and comparison of your skills and strengths.

How it works

How it works


You will automatically receive job suggestions from Skillue. With the latest machine learning technology, Skillue is able to match your skills, professional experience and educations to more than 90% of job vacancies on the market, tailored to your individual needs.


Your market value – find out the market value of your skills

Based on your anonymous profile, Skillue determines the market value of your skills. The market value - your "Skillue" - gives you evidence as you stand compared to peers with similar strengths. On top, Skillue will reveal how you further improve your market value.

Companies will find your anonymous profile

Your profile is your digital application! Your data as well as your skills and strengths will be made available in an anonymized form to our partner companies. Companies cannot see your profile without your approval.